Arkansas National Guard Office of Legal Assistance

Arkansas National Guard Office of Legal Assistance



The Arkansas National Guard Office of Legal Assistance is committed to helping soldiers, retirees, and their family members by providing no cost legal advice and assistance in preparing legal documents.

Legal assistance attorneys will not appear in civilian courts or give advice concerning private income producing activities. Within these limitations, the legal assistance attorneys and staff may provide legal counseling, draft letters, draft wills and powers of attorney, provide notary service, negotiate legal disputes with third parties, review and explain legal documents (sales contracts, leases, court papers, etc), provide pro se assistance in limited situations, or make referrals to civilian attorneys when appropriate.


Arkansas National Guard Office of Legal Assistance Hours Legal Assistance Office Hours


The Office of Legal Assistance (OLA) is open daily Monday through Friday from 0700 to 1500 for consultations. 

Clients are strongly encouraged to call 501-212-5040 and make an appointment.

All clients are required to fill out a Consultation Form-Electronic prior to consultations.

Location/Contact Information:

Phone: 501-212-5040

Email Us:


Box 29, Bldg. 7300

Camp J.T. Robinson

North Little Rock, AR 72199-9600

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Arkansas National Guard Office of Legal Assistance Basic Services

Basic advice and services on personal legal matters including:

Notary services.


Estate issues such as wills, living wills, advance medical directives, powers of attorney and guardianships.

Family matters such as adoption, paternity, divorce, custody, support and visitation.


Consumer issues such as contracts, auto repairs, warranties and bankruptcy.

Landlord-Tenant issues.


Real property law such as home purchase or sale.

Servicemembers’ Civil Relief Act issues.Veterans’ reemployment rights.


Referral to civilian attorneys for complex legal matters.

Services NOT provided:

Defenses to charges brought pursuant to the Military Code of Arkansas. Contact the Trial Defense Service offices at the 326th Trial Defense Team regarding this issue.

Private business activities.

Litigation or claims against the United States.

Prepaid-legal-representation cases such as your insurance company defending you in a tort case.

Contingent fee cases.

Standards of conduct issues.

Legal issues or concerns raised on behalf of a person who is ineligible for legal assistance.


Arkansas National Guard Office of Legal Assistance Legal Notices

NGAR 2015-01 Operating and Parking Vehicles on State Military Reservations

Arkansas National Guard Office of Legal Assistance Citation Process

RMTC Admin Citation Process

CMTC Admin Citation Process

Arkansas National Guard Office of Legal Assistance Legal Brochures


Living Wills

Information regarding Living Wills under Arkansas law. A Living Will is a legal document that describes how you want to be treated in end-of-life situations.

Power of Attorney

Under Arkansas Law Guidance for Service members regarding Powers of Attorney.


Benefits for Deployed Soldiers under Arkansas Law. Summary of rights and benefits provided under Arkansas law for deployed Service members that is in addition to rights under applicable federal law.

Notarization and Certified Copy Services

Outlines what notarizations and certified copies service offer by the OSJA DLA.


Power of Attorney Revocation under Arkansas Law. Information on revoking a POA under Arkansas law.

Pro Bono

Resources for Veterans. Service members information regarding free legal aid services to eligible veterans offered by different organizations in Arkansas.

Non Support

Dependents or Ex Spouse. This handout provides guidance for dependents or ex-spouse who have a claim that a Service member is not properly supporting his or her legal dependents.

Debt Collection and Consumer Protection

Provides information regarding federal and state laws related to debt collection and consumer protections.


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Arkansas National Guard Office of Legal Assistance

Location/Contact Information:

Phone: 501-212-5040

Email Us:


Box 29, Bldg. 7300

Camp J.T. Robinson

North Little Rock, AR 72199-9600

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