Arkansas National Guard Environmental Policy

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    The Arkansas National Guard has determined that energy use is a significant aspect. In order to reduce energy use, a plan has been developed for reducing energy use in all existing state buildings and set an annual energy reduction goal of 2.5% per year until the year 2025.

    Environmental Policies and eMS Notices
    eMS Card
    eMS Notice to Contractors
    eMS Guidance for State and Federal Contracts

    RMTC - Water Quality Report and Contact Information
    2021 Annual Water Quality Report

    State Environmental Specialist
    (501) 212-5872

    RMTC Water Operator
    (501) 212-5207
    (501) 773-3685

    Ft. Chaffee Joint Maneuver Training Center - Water Quality Report and Contact Information
    2020 Annual Water Quality Report

    FCJMTC Water System
    (479) 484-2260
    (479) 484-2355