Arkansas National Guard Inspector General (IG)





To Inquire into, and periodically report to the Adjutant General on matters affecting discipline, efficiency, economy, morale, training and readiness throughout the Arkansas National Guard.


To be a cohesive and totally professional team extending the eyes, ears, voice and conscience of the Adjutant General; focused on strengthening the overall readiness of the command.

   What Can the IG Do for YOU?



Army National Guard Inspector General

Camp J.T. Robinson  •  North Little Rock  •  Arkansas

Office Hours:  Monday through Friday 0700-1530

Hotline: 800-345-ARIG (2744)

Local: 501-212-5101

FAX: 501-212-5109

DSN Prefix: 962



Air Force National Guard Inspector General

188th Wing IG (Ft. Smith, AR): 479-573-5273

188th Wing IG DSN Prefix: 778

189th Wing IG (LRAFB): 501-987-8622

189th Wing IG DSN Prefix: 731

Functions of the IG


Assistance is the process of receiving, inquiring into, and responding to an Inspector General Action Request (IGAR)… requests can be for Help or Information or to file Complaints. 

The IG also assists by helping Commanders correct injustices, eliminating conditions detrimental to the efficiency or reputation of the Arkansas National Guard, recording and analyzing data for corrective action and reporting on the status of the Arkansas National Guard. 

Who Can Contact the IG?

What is NOT IG Appropriate?


An Inspection is an evaluation that measures performance against a standard and should identify the cause of any deviation. All inspections start with compliance against a standard. (A standard is the way things should be) 

The IG inspects to provide feedback to Commanders to that they can make decisions to improve the command, proactively resolve issues that affect unit readiness and warfighting capability, promote and reinforce good performance and best practices, and to underscore leadership priorities. 


An IG Investigation is a fact-finding examination into allegations, issues, or adverse conditions to provide the TAG with a sound basis for decision and actions. 

IG investigations are: 

Fair and impartial – the IG is not an adversary or a champion and does not recommend adverse action. 

Thorough with emphasis on facts. 

Concerned with confidentiality – the IG limits distribution of information, is overt but discreet, and protects all individuals from reprisal / ridicule, including the accused. 

Teach and Train

Teaching and Training is both an embedded function and an independent function. 

Throughout all of the other 3 IG functions, the IG teaches and trains complainants, units and commanders. 
As an independent function the IG conducts local company commander and 1SG courses, Officer and NCO Professional Development Programs, Newcomer / in-processing briefings, Post change-of-command office calls, Pre-command courses, Local and unit newsletters and Theater orientation programs.

Anyone Can File an IG Complaint


Who Can Contact the IG?

A Soldier’s right to see an IG is absolute, guaranteed by federal law. They cannot be denied access to an IG and do not have to go through their chain of command.

They do need to use common sense and not leave their place of duty without permission. 

The IG will encourage Soldiers to discuss their problems or grievances first with their commanders, as provided in AR 600-20. However, persons desiring to submit a complaint directly to an IG at any level, but who do not wish to discuss the matter with their commanders or other members of the chain of command, will be permitted to do so. 

Who else can help?

What is Not IG Appropriate?

No retribution will be taken against a Soldier who submits an IG complaint. However, anyone who knowingly submits an untruthful statement to an IG can be charged and punished under the Uniformed Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) or Arkansas Code of Military Justice.

Before You Contact the IG

Important To Know

Information provided to an IG is NEVER "Off the Record". 

IGs will make every effort to keep all interactions and information confidential...BUT confidentiality cannot be guaranteed.

Anonymous and third party complaints can be filed with the IG, but no feedback will be given to those who file.

Soldiers will be encouraged to discuss their problems or issues first with their commanders. Issues are normally offered to subordinate commanders for action rather than conduct an IG Investigation.

10 Tips for Success with the IG

1.  Ensure It's a Problem, Not a Peeve. 

2.  Give the Chain of Command a Chance to Solve the Problem.  

3.  Seek the Proponent Agency First. Prior to coming to the IG. 

4.  Deal With the Appropriate IG.      

Most of the time, the IG at a higher level will refer complaints and requests to the IG at the level nearest that of the complainant. This is not intended to imply that a Soldier cannot deal with an IG at any level desired if they feel the problem is so sensitive that they are reluctant to discuss it with anyone assigned to his or her own unit. USAR personnel contact the closest USAR IG.

ARANG personnel contact your Wing IG.  

5.  Level with the IG.       

The truth matters. We'll soon know if the truth is being told.  

6.  Keep in Mind the IG’s Regulatory and Statutory Limits. 

An IG cannot change a regulation just because it does not suit an individual.  

7.  An IG is NOT a Commander - We Recommend, not Order. 

Keep in mind that the IG can only advise a commander. There may be good reasons why the IG recommendation was not acted upon.  

8.  An IG Resolves a Case Based on Facts or the Preponderance of Evidence.       

If we cannot find concrete proof or an overwhelming preponderance of evidence, we cannot resolve the case.  

9.  Ongoing Investigation and Inquiry - Expectation Management.

Investigations and Inquiries take time. All should have reasonable expectations on time requirements and resolution, and be aware that a response will be given to requestor or appropriate personnel only. 

10. Be Prepared to Take No for an Answer.

The IG is an unbiased fact-finder, and the appropriate answer may not be what the complainant desires.

What the IG Will Need from You

The IG will need your permission to work your case.You will need to submit a completed and signed DA Form 1559 or AF Form 102.

Provide the IG with copies of all documentation and or evidence that support your claim. 

Give the IG complete and factual information including who else you've contacted for help, when you contacted them, and the results.


Arkansas Support Links

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Federal Support Links

National Guard Bureau IG Supports both Army and Air Force 


Department of Defense IG Hotline800-424-9098

Department of Army IG Assistance:  800-752-9747

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National Suicide Hotline: 800-273-TALK (8255), Dial 1 


Wounded Soldier and Family Assistance:

Hotline:  800-984-8523

DSN  CONUS: 421-3700

DSN OCONUS: 312-421-3700

Arkansas National Guard Inspector General

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HOTLINE: 800-345-ARIG (2744) 
Local:  501-212-5101
DSN:  962-5101

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