Arkansas National Guard

  • Counterdrug Mission

    Arkansas National Guard Counterdrug Mission

    The Arkansas National Guard Counterdrug Program (AR-CD) conducts a full spectrum campaign that bridges the gap between the Department of Defense (DoD) and Non-DoD institutions in the fight against illicit drugs and transnational threats to the Homeland. 

    The Counterdrug Program supports military, law enforcement agencies, and community based counterdrug operations at all levels of government to anticipate, prevent, deter, and defeat these threats in order to enhance national security and protect our society. 

    The AR-CD consists of Army and Air National Guard members on full time active duty status in accordance with Title 32, Section 502 (f), United States Code. 

    Counterdrug Soldiers and Airmen are from National Guard Units across the state and are trained in various military skills used to support Law Enforcement Agencies while performing their Counterdrug missions.