Arkansas Army National Guard Military Funeral Honors

  • Military Funeral Honors (MFH)



    Honoring those who served… One Family at a time

    To request honors a family member or their authorized representative is encouraged to notify the funeral director or service coordinator of their desire to have Military Funeral Honors rendered at the interment of their loved one.

    The funeral director or service coordinator will then contact the appropriate branch of service Honor Guard Office to make arraignments.

    Military Funeral Honors may be requested to be performed 
    in a place of worship, funeral home, or cemetery. 

    For any questions please contact us at: 1-866-280-7542 or 501-212-6031


    Render professional Military Funeral Honors in accordance with service tradition and the National Honor Guard Army Standard Operating Procedure to all eligible Veterans when requested by an authorized family member.

    Within the next 5 years, the Arkansas Army National Guard will become the premier Military Funeral Honors Program in Region 4; by effectively and efficiently utilizing funds, recruiting professional Soldiers, and making intentional connections with communities throughout Arkansas by “Honoring those who have served…One Family at a Time”