The Arkansas National Guard Chaplain's Office

  • About the Chaplain's Office
       The Arkansas National Guard Chaplain's Office

    The Chaplaincy works in support of military members and families whether at home station, during training, or on deployment. The Full-Time Support Chaplain’s Office is focused on assisting The Adjutant General in ensuring the right of free exercise of religion and by providing spiritual, moral, and ethical leadership.

    Located in Camp Robinson’s Armstrong Chapel is a full-time staff throughout the week as well as on drill weekends. Through this office, military members and their families can reach any of the 22 Religious Support Teams serving the Brigades, Wings, and Battalions across the state. Additionally, the office provides the following: mid-week worship services, drill weekend worship and weekly religious studies. Spiritual Fitness luncheons are typically held the first Wednesday of every month.

    Free and confidential services include pastoral counseling and relationship enhancement events. The Post Chapel is also available for Promotion/Retirement ceremonies, Receptions, Wedding ceremonies, and Memorial Servies. We have material available for religious support, personal development, emotional and spiritual enrichment.


    Office Hours are Monday thru Friday 0700hrs-1530hrs

    For assistance or more information, please contact us:



    Arkansas National Guard Chaplain's Office
    Box 44, Camp Robinson
    North Little Rock, AR 72199-9600