Arkansas Army National Guard Education and Incentives 

Membership in the Arkansas National Guard provides numerous educational benefits as well as incentives including loan repayments and bonuses to organizational members.  The Arkansas National Guard Education and Incentives Branch (EIB) provides statewide support to assist Soldiers and Airmen with receipt of these benefits and pursuit of their personal and professional career goals.  We administer a number of programs designed to help you pursue professional certificates, credentials, licensures, and degrees including Associate’s, Baccalaureate, and Master’s level programs.

In addition to the specialized training and experience you’ll gain as a member of the military, our programs can help achieve your personal and professional career goals at a greatly reduced or even eliminated out of pocket cost.

The Education & Incentives Branch processes incentives payments and provides educational/academic services to Soldiers in order to strengthen their individual leadership skills, improve personal as well as professional self development, and ensure the accountable fulfillment of the associated obligations promised upon entry/retention in the Arkansas National Guard. 

Soldiers- Helping Soldiers to achieve their education and academic goals.    
Team- Working together enhancing Soldier lives through education, academics, and incentives.    
Customer Service- Providing on-time service to our number one customer-Soldiers.

1. Provide educational/academic services that contribute to the readiness and leadership of the Arkansas National Guard.

2. Improve Soldier opportunities for advancement and leadership through academic services, educational assistance, testing, and educational counseling.
3. Ensure timely and accountable incentives payments to improve Soldier satisfaction and support Arkansas National Guard recruiting and retention efforts.

4. Forge relationships and interagency partnerships that improve Soldier quality of life through education and self development opportunities.

  • Educational Counseling
    1. We offer educational consultation and counseling to assist service members with their scholastic goals.  In addition to individual consultation, there are a number of online resources available to assist service members earn credit towards the degree program or credential of their choice.
  • Incentives

    In addition to the educational benefits of service, the Arkansas National Guard offers a number of incentives current and prospective members. 

    Based on critical vacancies within the organization and the skills required to fill those positions, these incentives may include lump sum or structured payments to service members.  

    We also offer a number of loan repayment programs for qualifying educational student loans as well as health professional incentives for qualifying loans and expenses associated with medical school. 

    Signing/retention bonuses and incentives may be awarded based on your availability to ship to and complete military training for key vacancies within the organization.  These can include critical skills, off-peak ship dates, personnel retention, and numerous other options surrounding an enlistment in the Arkansas National Guard.

    Incentives are subject to the eligibility and funding policy established in National Guard Bureau's Selected Reserve Incentives Program (SRIP).  This program is published annually and may include periodic updates to amounts, payment schedules, and eligibility.  For the most up to date information on available incentives and qualification, please contact a member of our Recruiting and Retention staff if you are considering joining the organization or your unit Retention NCO if you are a currently serving member.

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