Student Loan Repayment Program

Eligible Soldiers can benefit from the SLRP. If enrolled in college the Soldier can qualify for repayment of college loans up to 15% of the borrowed total of the loan or an annual limit of $7,500 ~ whichever is greater ~ for a maximum of $50,000. 

To be qualified you must meet criteria eligibility. The Enlistee/Soldier must:
1. Have at least one loan at time of enlistment or extension.
2. They must sign a 6-year commitment.
3. Have an AFQT of 50 or higher on the ASVAB test.
4. Must enlist into a qualified SLRP approved MOS.
5. The loan must be an approved Department of Education National Student Loan.

Prior service Soldiers, E7 and below with less than 16 years TIS, can receive the SLRP if they meet certain criteria. 

Chaplains can earn up to $80,000.00 ~ Chaplain Loan Repayment Program. Chaplains (CLRP) 

Medical and Dental Professionals up to $120,000.00 ~ Health Professional Loan Repayment Program. (HPLRP

Physician Assistant’s up to $60,000.00 ~ Health Professional Loan Repayment Program. (HPLRP

To have loan approved Soldiers must provide to the unit:
1. The NSLDS Aid Summary Website Sheet.
2. The NSLDS Detailed Loan Information Sheet.
3. Copy of the promissory note and disbursement sheets for non-NSLDS loans.
4. Copy of official transcripts with minimum of 90 hours or a bachelor’s degree.
5. Copy of all DD Form 214/NGB Forms 22 for PS SLRP only.
6. Copy of MOS Award Order for PS SLRP only. 

The SLRP pays one year after all loan documentation has been submitted. Payment goes to the loaning institution.



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