Arkansas National Guard Military Education

The Arkansas Army National Guard offers its members great opportunities to get a college education. These programs are generally referred to as Voluntary Education. The ACES (Army Continuing Education System) offers the following education programs to help soldiers reach their education goals:
  • GoArmyEd
  • Tuition Assistance
  • Service members Opportunity Colleges (SOCAD)
  • Other Army Education Resources

1. Army Federal Tuition Assistance (TA). The new policy allows Arkansas Army National Guard Soldiers to use TA after successful completion of their first year of service after graduating from either AIT, OCS or BOLC. 

Soldiers are eligible for up to 16 semester hours per fiscal year and they can use TA for a second, higher-level post-bachelor’s degree after completion of 10 years of service. The second degree time in service requirement applies to movement from a bachelor’s to a master’s degree and not from an associate’s to a bachelor’s degree. 

Also, the 10-year requirement only applies if Army TA was used to pay for any portion of the undergraduate coursework. 

Soldiers can request TA online through the ACES portal called GoArmyEd at 

2. Service members Opportunity Colleges degree program (SOCAD). SOCAD is the Service members Opportunity Colleges (SOC) degree program for the Army.

  • SOCAD consists of colleges that offer associate and bachelor's degree programs on or accessible to Army installations worldwide.
  • SOCAD colleges form networks in which each college accepts credits from all the others.

SOCAD guarantees that you and your adult family members can continue toward completion of your degrees even though the Army. There are also degrees available by distance learning that require no classroom residency.

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