Arkansas National Guard The 39th Infantry Brigade Combat Team

 39th Infantry Brigade Combat Team (IBCT)

The 39th Infantry Brigade Combat Team (IBCT) is the largest major command in the state and is headquartered on Camp Robinson. The 39th IBCT consists of 44% of the state’s Army National Guard strength and employs 11% of the state’s Army National Guard fulltime workforce. The 39th IBCT has units located in 37 communities in Arkansas and Nebraska and Missouri.

The 39th is primarily an infantry brigade organized to provide wartime missions in maneuver, field artillery, reconnaissance, intelligence, engineering and medical operations as well as maintenance, signal support and transportation activities.

The 39th is prepared to support state emergency operations by assisting with road clearing, search and rescue, security, flood response and other natural disaster assistance





Arkansas Army National Guard Units 


The Arkansas Army National Guard is composed of over 6,700 Soldiers in four Brigades:

The 39th Infantry Brigade Combat Team

The 77th Combat Aviation Brigade

87th Troop Command

The 142nd Field Artillery Brigade





Arkansas Air National Guard Wings


The Arkansas Air National Guard is composed of over 1,800 Airmen in two Wings:

The 189th Airlift Wing

The 188th Wing






Arkansas National Guard Unit and Wing Map



The Arkansas National Guard is a community-based force consisting of men and women from every county in the state. 


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