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Mobilization Augmentee Positions

  • Full Time National Guard Duty (FTNGDOS)
    NOTE: All of the technician positions require membership in the Arkansas National Guard.  All are permanent positions unless designated temporary.

         There are two temporary positions. Short Term and Long Term.

         Short Term temporary positions are those that are less than one year.

         Long Term temporary positions are those that are more than one year but not to exceed two years.
  • NOTE
    Mobilization Augmentee positions are temporary positions that will terminate upon return of a mobilized AGR incumbent, or when funds are no longer available for the tour.
Operational Support

EOA: 19-235F
Title: Health Service Specialist
Rank: Enlisted, NLT SPC E4; NTE SGT E5
Location: HSS-DCSPER Camp Joseph T. Robinson,
Closing Date: 20 November 2019
Full Job Listing: